Two horses tested positive for EHV-1 in HEST-21

Two horses competing at Horsemarket Equestrian Spring Tour have returned with positive test results for EHV-1 (Equine Herpes Virus) during the first week of the tour in the routine screening during the show.

One of these was KG Corazon, that belongs to our squad. He is now in isolation on the showground.

”This is of course most unfortunate. At this moment we don’t know how we continue from here. We are waiting for more detailed directives from the FEI. None of our horses – including the one that has tested positive – are showing any symptoms at this point.” says Sanna Backlund.

Update 13.5.2021 at 13.17: It has been confirmed, that the horses of both Sanna Backlund and Susanna Granroth are not able to continue competing at HEST-21. All other details as to the safety measures and transportation of our horses are still uncertain. Currently our 7 horses have been put into isolation as a precaution ordered by the veterinary delegates at the show.

We are waiting for exact directions from the FEI and the proper authorities and are very concerned about the wellbeing of our horses, as they now have very limited possibilities to continue their daily routines.

Update 15.5.2021: After the decision and under the permission of the FEI and the authorities the horses have now been moved into authorised quarantine in Finland in wait for the second test results. KG Corazon is located in isolation at a dedicated quarantine stable in Sipoo.

Update 17.5.2021: The promised information about the test results was not received, but the following information has been published at the organisers Facebook page: ”Results of repeated tests of all 11 isolated horses for EHV-1 are negative”. Our horses remain in quarantine / isolation until we have received official information and new directions from the proper authorities.

Update 19.5.2021: Today we received information from the FEI, that all our horses, that have been tested twice negative for EHV-1, are released from isolation and can start competing normally. KG Corazon must remain in isolation until tested for the third time on 30th May earliest. If this test turns out to be negative, also he can be released.

Update 4.6.2021: The third test result was received today and it was negative for EHV-1. KG Corazon has rejoined our squad and life can finally return to normal.


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